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Surveys revealed that, apart from subsidence, Eton Lodge was suffering from every awful ailment a house could possibly suffer from. There was damp rising up the walls and rain coming in through the roof and around rotten windows. There was every kind of rot present and the electrical wiring had to be condemned. The plumbing system incorporated vast sections of toxic lead piping and every piece of wood in the place had to be either ripped out and burnt or blasted with expensive chemicals. But at least there was no subsidence.

It took a team of builders and tradesman seven months just to make the house habitable. By June 1998 we were able to move in and set about busying ourselves with those lovely little finishing touches that make a house a home, such as putting plaster on walls and doors in doorways. Gradually though the house evolved into the comfortable family home we had envisaged.

In 2004, with our eldest daughter away at university and our second eldest married we decided to do what everyone said we should have done all along - take advantage of our wonderful location and open as a B&B. At times it seemed as big a project as the initial renovation. We had to take down walls, install showers and en-suite bathrooms, alter wiring and plumbing, redecorate from top to bottom,  buy and fit new curtains and carpets and completely furnish and equip each room.

Easter 2005, with the house smelling of new paint, our very first guests arrived. Nervously we did our best to make their stay all that we would have wished for ourselves. When they left we looked with trepidation at what would be the very first comment in our brand new guest book. We needn’t have worried. It read “ A pleasure to be inaugural visitors. Hotel standard accommodation in a friendly family environment, and we wish you every success.” Somehow they had summed up perfectly what we had set out to achieve and we both knew at that moment that our venture into bed and breakfast was going to work.

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